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Diamond Color

This is often considered the most important determinant of a diamond's quality since it is visible to the naked eye and can even be detected by amateurs. Traditionally diamonds are white or colorless stones. However, as experts in the field will tell you there are very few and rare colorless diamonds. Most diamonds have the faintest tint of yellow in them – so faint as to be negligible.

The GIA and AGS Color Grades

Diamond color is classified as per the GIA alphabetical scale from D – Z . A grade D diamond is one that is as colorless as a diamond can be. Grades E and F also fall in the colorless category. Diamonds classified as G – J are near colorless and barely show a hint of the yellow tint. K – M grade diamonds are faint yellow and show a visible yellow tint when looked at closely. Diamonds graded N – R are very light yellow and S – Z are light yellow.

Generally, diamonds in the D – F category are preferred by most buyers with a free budget. Slightly budget conscious buyers often go for the G – J category of diamonds. Diamonds with a color grade of K – Z are not preferred for pieces of jewelry where a single diamond is the focus – like in a solitaire engagement ring. Also, slightly colored diamonds when cut well often disperse enough light to look almost as good as lower colored diamonds.

Diamonds with a color that goes beyond the ‘Z' grade are considered to be fancy colored diamonds.

The AGS scale ranges from 0 – 10 and follows the same classifications as the GIA scale. The only difference between the two is that one is a numeric scale and the other an alphabetic scale

Understanding Fluorescence In Diamonds.

Fluorescence in a diamond refers to its tendency to glow under ultraviolet (UV) rays. It does not directly affect a diamond's color and therefore has lesser impact on the price of the diamond.

Generally, faint fluorescence in diamonds of a good color quality has no visible impact and is as good as negligible. However, strong fluorescence in high color grade diamonds of grades D – F can often result in a hazy or milky color to the diamond. This can considerably impact the brilliance of the diamond and hence reduce its value. Conversely, lower color grade diamonds with strong fluorescence can often appear brighter and whiter and hence many buyers actually like to buy diamonds with strong fluorescence.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Diamonds with a yellow tint greater than that classified as the Z grade by the GIA are called fancy colored diamonds. While a slight yellow tint in white or colorless diamonds reduces their value, fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare and in fact all the more expensive for their color . Fancy colored diamonds can come in various shades ranging from pink and yellow to even green and blue.

Thus, the whiter or more colorless a diamond the greater its value.

However, there are three other C's that affect the quality and price of a diamond: its Carat Weight, Cut and Clarity.

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